About the book and its author

Adam the Ape was first published in 2016 in the German language under the title Adam der Affe. The author, Wolfgang Wambach, was born in Koblenz, Germany, in 1975.


Wambach graduated with distinction from the Art Academy of Kassel, Germany, with a degree in visual communication. He worked in the television and film industry and won several awards, one of them for Best Cinematography in Almería, Spain.


Several years later, simply observing through the camera was not enough for him anymore—he chose to make a name for himself by creating his own stories. Wambach’s books are always optimistic and they center on philosophy, science, and life in the twenty-first century.


Wambach lives near Cologne, Germany, and is happily married to his wife. They have a daughter and a son, who inspire his writing every day.


He can be contacted by email at info🐒 wolfgangwambach.de