The novel

Kenny is the best player in online adventure games, where nobody realizes he is unable to speak. In real life, the mute schoolboy is bullied and cannot find friends. Everything changes after he meets Adam, a circus ape who can talk through sign language. When the chimpanzee is threatened at the circus, he escapes from his cage, taking Kenny with him. Together, they decide to find the scientist who is said to know the “secret of language.” A thrilling journey across the country begins, on which they surpass even their own expectations. But soon, Adam’s life is in danger. Will Kenny follow his inner voice and fight for his new friend?


An adventure novel for readers from eight to fourteen years old, with illustrations, photos, and scientific epilogues about evolution and Great Apes.


Author: Wolfgang Wambach


Editing: Tamra Gillette


Illustrations: Michael Blechmann


Language: American English


Format: Hardcover A5


ISBN: 978-300071569