• Secular news website Only Sky reviews “Adam the Ape” and says it’s “an adventure story for kids, rooted in animal rights and evolution.”
  • The Humanist Press Agency of Germany, Austria and Switzerland reports about the book, saying it is “very well done.”
  • Child psychologist Ron Crouch, a.k.a. “Dr. Dad“, read the book with his son: “This is a great book for boys and girls ages 8 to 14.”
  • The German newspaper Rhein-Zeitung reports about a reading contest in an elementary school:
  • Irish secondary school kid Aideen Hamill compared “Adam the Ape” with Richard Dawkins’ “Outgrowing God” for Atheist Ireland.¬†
  • The German skeptic website for families with children recommends the book and interviews its author.
  • The German skeptic magazine Skeptiker presents the book:
  • The Austrian website presents the book in a video report in sign language:
  • The Austrian magazine for the sign language society Geb√§rdenSache presents the book: